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Art Fair Booth Gallery
Art Fair Booth Gallery:
If you have visited my booth at an arts festival or street fair recently, these are the works that you may have seen hanging on the walls of my booth (with the sizes indicated), many of which are my most popular.

Who can resist a Top 40 list?
Here is a gallery dedicated to my favorite 40 images from 2021.
Which are your favorites?  Please feel free to leave comments - I love feedback!

Top photos on 2021 gallery
Colin's Top 30 Hits of 2020:
Here is a gallery dedicated to my favorite 30 images from 2020.

Top photos on 2020 gallery

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Tough choice for fave but I guess it would have to be Swirls of Light and Sand. Beautiful, beautiful work...So excited to me taking more workshops with you...especially out west!
-- Susan Fortier, 9/22/18

Landscape and nature photography from national parks across the U.S. & Canada and beyond, with a special focus on the Western United States.

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