Nature Photography by Colin D. Young
Colorado, Utah, New York, and U.S. National Parks


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Nice site, dude!
-- Eric Winick, 11/12/23

Beautiful photography. I really like the pictures. The depth of each picture makes it so you want to reach out and touch the subject as if it was really there. Great job!
-- Kocok Macau, 9/10/22

On this cold, blustery January day the photos of the tulips remind me that spring IS coming. The blooms will return, and color will replace the gray again! Just what I needed today!
-- Theresa Olsen, 1/6/14

Hello Colin, We met at Clearwater Saturday. I'm the guy who prints wall murals. Your photography is breathtaking. Many clients will want your images life-sized on their walls. Carl Ward, 6/18/12
-- Carl Ward, 6/18/12

I saw some of your work in Margretville, NY and look forward to seeing more. While I reside in PA and FL, I am frequently in NYC and the Catskills and will make a point to make arragnements to see more of your work either in your studio or at one of your shows.
-- James R. Nelson, 5/14/12

Beautiful photos Colin!
-- Rik Kaye, 11/28/10

The Black House Blizzard photo is amazing! After seeing your beautiful fall photos, I think the Catskills color beat the Smoky Mts. again this year. Carol Young
-- Carol Young, 11/13/10

WOW! I had no idea...
-- Ellen Perecman, 5/16/10

As usual, Coliin, your photographic work is as exquisiite as your theatre work. I'm forwarding the link to your site to my friends. They are sure to love your artistry as much as I. In fact, it is impossible to visit your website and not find something that touches one's soul. All the best, Joan Blanche Green
-- Joan Blanche Green, 5/15/10

I love your site and your photographs, Colin. Many bring back memories of my own travels. Where are you going next?
-- Carol Young, 5/4/10

What a lot of beauty all in one place!
-- Niki, 5/1/10

Landscape and nature photography from national parks across the U.S. & Canada and beyond, with a special focus on the Western United States.

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